Wednesday, 28 March 2012

ABC's of me - Colorful Creations

The Challenge: How many of you actually scrap about yourself? Most times we as scrappers scrap everyone but ourselves. Well this is going to change in 2012! Each month during the year I will be hosting an ABC of Me Challenge. (Remember the ABCs of Me, questions we did last year?) Well here is where they come into play. The ABC's of Me challenge is so much fun. You scrap a page about yourself using each letter of the alphabet and end up with 26 awesome pages about yourself. Each month you will get two letters to scrap about yourself with. This week's letter is the letter "E", please create a layout about yourself or something about you that starts with the letter E.
This is a nickname given to me by my husband as I forget things very easily. An etch-a-sketch can be erased by shaking it when finished with it. He jokes that I have bumped my head, or got up too quick, and that is why I have forgotten something. Just like an etch a sketch. He can laugh, I don't get offended very easily, and I actually think it is funny too. Why take life seriously. My kids will now have a keepsake of this and remember this funny story for generations. He has a funny name too....but that is a whole other


  1. Love the vibrancy of the colours against the photo, the glimmer misted doily is stunning. Beautiful work nothing mediocre about that.

  2. Thanks for the comment Fi. Even if some find my work mediocre, I am not going to change the way I scrap to please others. I like to try new things and if I like it, I will try it again. It is all about how we express ourselves and being to to ourselves about why we scrap. I scrap so my children can have a keepsake of memories from their childhood with stories behind the pictures to go with it.

  3. you are adorable and your work is truly beautiful.

    susan s.