Wednesday, 28 March 2012

ABC's of me - Colorful Creations

The Challenge: How many of you actually scrap about yourself? Most times we as scrappers scrap everyone but ourselves. Well this is going to change in 2012! Each month during the year I will be hosting an ABC of Me Challenge. (Remember the ABCs of Me, questions we did last year?) Well here is where they come into play. The ABC's of Me challenge is so much fun. You scrap a page about yourself using each letter of the alphabet and end up with 26 awesome pages about yourself. Each month you will get two letters to scrap about yourself with. This week's letter is the letter "E", please create a layout about yourself or something about you that starts with the letter E.
This is a nickname given to me by my husband as I forget things very easily. An etch-a-sketch can be erased by shaking it when finished with it. He jokes that I have bumped my head, or got up too quick, and that is why I have forgotten something. Just like an etch a sketch. He can laugh, I don't get offended very easily, and I actually think it is funny too. Why take life seriously. My kids will now have a keepsake of this and remember this funny story for generations. He has a funny name too....but that is a whole other

The Off Season - Colorful Crations

The challenge: I think we tend to scrap the holidays as they roll around, my challenge for you is to scrap a holiday out of season! This challenge was great as it meant I could actually get another Christmas page done from last year. I find I don't always finish my pages of the holidays as it is usually the next holiday already and I move on to it when I haven't finished the ones from the last holiday. This is my layout of our Crazy Xmas Hat photo shoot Christmas Eve 2011. Every year we buy new crazy hats just for fun. Thanks for taking the time to view my blog.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Spring Fling Blog Hop

Come join us for the Spring Fling Blog Hop March 30st – April 1st! Each DT member will have a challenge for you and a chance to win a prize! Colorful Creations will be offering a grand prize for playing along! The more you complete the more prizes you can win! Make sure to visit each DT member’s blog to find out your secret product and visit their challenge. Please leave a comment so we know you hopped on by and playing along! Your layout or project must be newly created as of March 30th, and cannot be combined with any other CC challenges. You have until Saturday April 8th midnight MST to complete challenges!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Wacky Holidays - Colorful Creations

The Challenge was: I would like to see layouts based on wacky, unusual or strange holidays that take place in the month of March. Choose one and create your layout around that theme. The photos do NOT need to have been taken on that day but you do need to mention the day in your title or journaling. Here is a link to a list for this month: if you don't find any that you love on this list you can google 'wacky holidays' and find several other resources. Just be sure to pick one that is for this month.
I had no idea what to do for this challenge, so I googled Wacky holidays for March and discovered there is actually an 'I want you to be happy day'. This was perfect as this is exactly what I want for my be happy. TFL

Seasons - Colourful Creations

The Challenge as set out by Andrew (one of the design team members): Hi everyone When the seasons change it is something we all talk about. Most of us have a favorite season. Mine is autumn because of the beautiful colors and it is a prelude to winter. I thought it would be nice to make a tribute page to your favorite season. The details are : 1) use at least three pattern papers 2) use at least 2 colors of cardstock 3) include one or more floral embellishments I hope this is a fun challenge for everyone and I look forward to seeing your creations Cheers, Andrew
I chose to scrap some of my photos from last years floods. I had several pictures so decided on a double layout. The photos look busy so I didn't want too much on my page to distract from the photos. I have used 3 patterned papers (the tags are made from the plain side of patterned paper which I have cut out), 2 plain cardstock (background and title) and my floral element is the flowers embossed onto the brads on my tags). I enjoyed doing this challenge and was able to scrap some photos I have been meaning to do for ages now.

White with 1 Challenge at Colourful Creations

I have chosen to use green as my +1 for this challenge. It was a great opportunitly for me to not only scrap a photo of my beloved Woofa which has been sitting on my desk for months, but also a great opportunity to use up some of my scraps.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Some Recent Layouts

Here are some of my layouts I have recently finished. Thanks for taking the time to visit and to those of you who have been leaving comments. I will publish any further comments later.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

CSI-Case File No 8

This will be my final CSI challenge as I do not plan to play at CSI anymore. It has come to my attention that those over at CSI believe my pages are only mediocre. I put a lot of time and effort into getting the correct colours and using the elements given. I have observed over several weeks that some of the Design Team members don’t even seem to get the colours correct and those chosen for feature or most wanted don’t always have the correct colours either. Not only that, the same people seem to get picked over and over and over again. I scrap for me and while I don’t scrap to be selected as feature (although I did get a mention once), it is disheartening to hear that my work is not feature-worthy. I am certainly under no illusion that my pages are as good as the Design Teams and I have no desire to aim to be one. I get that a site wants to entice people past the first page. That to me is what Design Team members are for. Put Design Team members’ layouts on the front page if you are so worried that pages such as mine will reflect poorly on your site. Why does a site say that everyone is welcome to play regardless of their level? While this may be the truth (that anyone can play), it is not truthful when already you see a pattern established of the same people winning. So beginners or simple page designers need not waste their time of uploading as they are clearly not in the running to ever win anything, let alone even get their layout displayed. Are the chosen layouts fantastic, without a doubt, but do they always meet the criteria, no they don’t. It’s players like myself that spend time getting the colours correct and leaving honest comments on other peoples pages who get annoyed when some people come to their blog and leave comments saying how wonderful their layouts are, yet turn around and behind our backs say they are only mediocre and not good enough to feature. Thank you to those of you who are honest in your comments. Unfortunately, too many are ruled by their ego rather than the reason they began scrapping in the first place.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

CSI-Case File No 7

For the evidence I have used wood (a wooden watering can and a wooden vine), a metal dragonfly plaque, and a cluster of flowers. For the testimony I have gone with the roots:what is the origin of the picture or what's underneath the story? The journaling reads: These pictures were taken in our garden. It was in desperate need of weeding and Zack (who loves anything to do with the outdoors) offered to weed it for me...for a fee of course (he also loves money). So for $2 the weeding was done and he had fun doing it. He is such a great help. Love you much!!!

CSI-Case File No 6

For the evidence I have used a wood element for the title and metals (thongs and words). For the testimony I have chosen to tell 3 things about my son (subject). the journalling reads: You love to climb, so those thongs provided the perfect opportunity for you to do so. You love to swim and had a wonderful day riding the waves at White Water World. You love to clown around, which we can clearly see in these photos.

CSI-Case File No 5

For the evidence this week I have used a chipboard frame and highlighted it with flourish corners, obviously used a cutting tool to cut out paper, and I have used leaves in 2 corners of the frame. For the testimony I have written about what you cannot see in the picture. It reads: 'Poppy just loves playing with you Marnie. He loves tickling you in all your 'ticklish' sphots until you scream with delight, and pretending to take all your treats (cake) away to eat for himself. You laugh and make the most ear piercing screams with joy. You just love it.

CSI-Case File No 4

For the evidence I have used a stamp (ink) as my wet medium, stripes on the ribbon, rhinestones and a metal embellishment as something reflective. For the testimony I focused on the the curiosity of my daughter when seeing these large thongs at White Water World.

CSI-Case File No 3

For the evidence I have used tags, sheer ribbon, a doily, he gold metallic element is the dimensional pearls I have used on the flourish and the circular elements are the pearls. For the testimony I have used a repetitive journalling on a series of tags.

CSI-Case File No 2

It has been awhile since I have actually added anything to my blog. I have however, done some challenges and am finally adding them here.
For the evidence I have used flowers, a fence for the architectural element, a transparency for the sheer element and a flourish. For the testimony I have gone with the good advice. Why make a resolution that we will never stick to. I really don't see the point. The journalling reads: Evry year someone will ask me 'What's your New Year Resolution?' My answer is always the same, 'I don't have one. If you don't make one, you can't break it'. Who ever really sticks to a New Years Resolution?